Hillbilly Hot Dogs

created by: Rickster

created on: 12/29/2012 7:11:55 PM


address 6951 Ohio River Road, Lesage, WV 25537, USA
website http://www.hillbillyhotdogs.com
phone (304) 762-2458‎
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook http://www.facebook.com/hillbillyhotdogs


Sonny Knight met Sharie McGarry in Hollywood, California. Who would have thought that two hillbilly's would have hooked up in California and started such an important relationship!!


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Hillbilly Hotdogs

Clip from the Food Network's trip to Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia.

Hillbilly Hotdogs

Fantastic hot dog stand in the Hungtinton, WV area.

Guy Fieri tries the Homewrecker Hot Dog in West Virginia - Food Network

At West Virginia's Hillbilly Hot Dogs, Guy Fieri samples a 15-inch Homewrecker.

Hillbilly Hot Dogs Homewrecker sub-6min

Finished the Homewrecker challenge at Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Lesage, WV in under six minutes. Not a record, but far less than the 12 minutes allowed and even ...

Hillbilly Hot Dogs (Lesage, WV) : VendrTV

When I started VendrTV, It hought that Speed's Dogs was the bigggest frank I'd be eating Never in my life did I expect to see what I found at Hillbilly Hot D...