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address 1618 South King Street, Honolulu, HI 96826, USA
phone (808) 358-0287


Ono-licious musubis! go early though since they have a limited #. 10 musubis cost $17. Tried the beef sukiyaki and vegetarian curry pilaf one and they were great as a snack. must return to try other flavors. One thing i noticed was that the rice was just right, soft and delicious.


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Ghoya - Mana bu é Guerrera (2009)

Ghoya - Mana bu é Guerrera (2009)

0008 Kanji 学 Wissenschaft Studium - GAKU mana (bu) - 8 Striche

kun-Lesung: mana (bu) on-Lesung: GAKU Grundbedeutung: Wissenschaft, Studium Strichanzahl: 8 (acht)

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DJ Mana-bu @ Space Foo

Space Foo Numazu, Shizuoka 16 Oct. 2010 DJ Mana-bu of Kiten Records