Charlie's Diner

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address 32 West Main Street, Spencer, MA 01562, USA
phone (508) 885-4033
email [email protected]">[email protected]


With all due respect to Bret, I was a regular at Charlie's for 7 years when the diner was still located in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 2001, it lost its lease and the owners had to remove the diner structure from its site on Plantation Street. Eventually, they found a new location in Spencer, and reinstalled and expanded there, and about the only thing that has changed (thankfully) was the view out the window.


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Charlie's Diner

Charlie hires Katie to help in the kitchen.

Charlie's Diner Time

Diner time.

Charlie's Diner gets a new location

Worcester's loss is now Spencer's gain. Kicked off its long-time location by a greedy landlord, Charlie's Diner sat on blocks for three years as owner Steve ...

Charlies Diner, Spencer, MA

Satisfied customer (and highly recommended Diner)! Owner used our antique boards and beams in their new addition! We're biased, but we think it turned out be...