The 1770 House

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address 143 Montauk Highway, East Hampton, NY 11975, USA
phone (631) 324-1770
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Love love love! Food is amazing. Try the beet salad! And the meatloaf offered on their pub menu is delicious. Service is also incredibly warm. One of my fab restaurants in the Hamptons.


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Sophie, The Farmer's Wife, on the 1770 Heilman Farm House.wmv

June 2010: The League of Women Voters of Lebanon PA held their annual meeting at the Sofie Light, The Farmer's Wife (both literally and of local restaurant f...

1770's house (0_VIDEO_016.mpeg)

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The Pods at 1770: The Beach Shack

As broadcasted on ABC1 on 16/09/2012 in Dreambuild. For educational purposes only. Will remove if necessary. The Beach Shack, actually named "The Pods" is a ...

Bounce House Inflates Jump N Play 925-238-1770 Watch as a combo bounce house water slide/pool inflates! The castle part at the top gets stuck but finally pops out! These 4 in 1...