Jack's Cosmic Dogs

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created on: 1/3/2013 3:19:27 AM


address 2805 N Hwy 17, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466, USA
website http://jackscosmicdogs.com/
phone (843) 884-7677
facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jacks-Cosmic-Dogs/273646724712
twitter https://twitter.com/JacksCosmicDogs


I would give Jack's a 5 except I live in Detroit and Lafayette Coney Island is my benchmark for the best hot dog. Jack's is really, really good. I had an Atomic Dog and fries.


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Jacks Cosmic Dogs

I visited Jack's Cosmic Dogs in Mt. Pleasant for Where Am I Wednesday.

Jack's Cosmic Dogs

Jack Hurley, the Big Dog and founder of Jack's Cosmic Dogs, takes you on a tour of the most famous hot dog joint in Charleston, SC.

Jacks Cosmic Dogs - Charleston South Carolina

Jack's Cosmic Dogs is located on Hwy 17 N in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Hwy 61 in West Ashley and on Folly Rd. on James Island. These roadside hot dog restaurants are...

Jack's Cosmic Dog 512

Jack's Cosmic Dog Promotion at the Charleston riverdogs game at Joe Riley Park.