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When I begin to tell you that I wish I could have eaten more but the limitations of my stomach prevented me from inhaling more food, that's how good it was.


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Devi is a 1999 Telugu movie starring Bhanuchander, Prema, Babu Mohan and Sijju.


Innocent village girl, Devi (Nutan) meets Shekhar (Sanjeev Kumar), a young doctor, whose ideals are to do social service in villages and help the masses. The...

Devi Putrudu

This film starts with a voice explaining the submersion of Dwaraka village in the sea with visual appeal. And then the story jumps to 5000 years ahead and starts with a Krishna (Venky) doing...

The Legend Of Devi Durga

Goddess Durga is touted to be an embodiment of creative feminine force and is worshipped by all the Indians. This film is about her and tells us why Goddess Durga is a legend and regarded as the supreme power for all.