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address 107 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90731, USA
website http://www.woodspoonla.com/
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The fish sandwich and the pot pie were a tad disappointing. I thought they'd have some Brazilian twist, but they tasted like a fish sandwich and a pot pie.


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Hit me with a wooden spoon!

A guy is being beaten by his neighbour with a wood spoon while he thinks that's the other dude with his mouth! LOL.

Wooden Spoon Fight

Old as the hills, but still funny!

i make a wood spoon

i make a wood spoon !!!

Wood Turning Wooden Spoon

My New Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcG7TVNR1QxeAbVEeLa4seQ?feature=mhee http://thewoodshop.tv/ http://theturningshop.blogspot.com/ https://plus.g...

Wood Spoon - Jam Of Love (Lord Bishop Rocks Cover)

Music by: Wood Spoon Zsolt Nacsai - Vocal, Bass Gabor Koszo: Guitar Norbert Halasz: Guitar Jeno Godo Miklos: Drums Composer: Lord Bishop Rocks Recorded at: B...