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address 1201 University Road, Cleveland, OH 44113, USA
phone (216) 771-9236
email [email protected]">[email protected]


So while I went with the pierogies, most of my friends (and my husband) ended up going with the meatloaf. I had a few bites from my husband's plate... and oh my god! I think their meatloaf de


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Sokolowskis [ Cleveland Ohio Polish Ethnic Restaurant ] on Robin Swoboda That's Life 1-8

Sokolowskis University Inn of Cleveland Ohio famous for pierogi, kielbasa, gowamki, and other ethnic foods on That's Life with Robin Swoboda. Visit our site ...


Sokolowskis University Inn featured on 3 Squares from Time Warner. Sokolowskis is a landmark Eastern European restaurant in Cleveland since 1923 serving ethn...

Mike Symon 'Best Thing I Ever Ate' [ Sokolowskis Polish Restaurant Cleveland ] Pierogi

The Best Thing I Ever Ate featuring Cleveland Ohio's Own Polish American Restaurant - Sokolowskis University Inn famous for pierogi, kielbasa, salisbury stea...

Bourdain no rez Cleveland Sokolowski's

This is the segment on Sokolowski's from the Cleveland episode of "Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations."

Sokolowski's University Inn - Cleveland, OH

Sokolowski's University Inn is a family-run restaurant featuring home-style dishes just like grandma used to make. Many of the recipes have been passed down ...