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address 185 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC 29401, USA
phone (843) 577-7771


This was our first trip to Charleston, and it took me quite a long time to decide on which restaurant to go to our first night. Using Yelp as a guide, my decision brought us to Magnolia's for dinner. When my husband and I travel, we do not go to chain restaurants, we try to go where the locals dine and take all reviews with a grain of salt, because every restaurant can have an off night!


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Claude François - Magnolias for ever [1978]

Original remastered video. As much noise as possible has been removed from the video, color has been boosted. Sharpening and detailing this before scaling it...

Claude François-Magnolias for ever

Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook! Plus d'information & CDs sur Your girl is crying in the night Is she wrong or is sh...

Claude François - Magnolia For Ever (Clip Officiel)

Claude François | Magnolias For Ever. (C) 1978 Disques Flèche (Paroles d'Étienne Roda-Gil) (Musique: Jean-Pierre Bourtayre, Claude François).

THE MAGNOLIAS - Hello Or Goodbye (1992)

From The Magnolias 4th LP/CD "Off The Hook" Alias Records 1992 THE MAGNOLIAS website:

THE MAGNOLIAS - Pardon Me (1989)

From The Magnolias 3rd LP/CD "Dime Store Dream" Twin Tone Records 1989 THE MAGNOLIAS website: