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address 1200 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
phone (215) 922-0425


I went for lunch (the line at Di'nics was too long) so apparently I missed what this place is known for, breakfast.


YouTube Videos

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Preparing Homefries with Junior Esh of The Dutch Eating Place

Preparing Homefries with Junior Esh of The Dutch Eating Place.

Eagles in Dutch Harbor eating fish off the net.

The net repair guys put out a net to repair and the eagles came. This is not too sharp but you can see how many eagles were there in one spot.

Pork Fat Eating competition in India!

Cholesterol be damned! The target in this competition is to consume pure pork fat. The winner took in 1.25 kilograms of the vile stuff and lives to tell the ...

Camden eating lunch at Hanks Place

Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine with a splash of Dino.

Weird Finnish Guy Freaks Out While Eating Licorice

http://clikhere.co/p7LU5j9w He freaks out while eating licorice and his nose is funny as hell. HE LOOKS LIKE AN INBRED!