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address 820 S 9th St, Springfield, IL 62703, USA
phone (217) 522-3722


They have excellent chili dogs which go great with the chili . Different than most but good eating. I ordered my food to go. No ceremony with the oyster crackers. Just tossed a couple of handfuls into the bag on top of everything else. One important thing CASH ONLY-so make sure you have plenty of greenbacks before entering this place.


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Man v. Food - Firebrand Chili in Springfield

Adam meets with the owner of Joe Roger's Chili Parlor in Springfield, IL to find out how their spicy Firebrand Chili is made.

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My good buddy Ben decided to take on the "man vs food" challenge and down a bowl of tongue-scalding Firebrand chili from Joe Rogers' Original Recipe Chili Pa...

Bon Appetit magazine 10 Best Places for Chili

1) Ben's Chili Bowl, 1213 U St. NW, Washington D.C.; 2) Joe Rogers' Original Recipe Chili Parlor, 820 S. Ninth St., Springfield, Ill 3) Chili My Soul, 4928 B...

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our 06 corvette vs. matt hendrix's 98 camaro starting off at 5mph.