The Fly Trap

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 1/16/2013 2:24:54 AM


address 22950 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, MI 48220, USA
phone (248) 399-5150
email [email protected]">[email protected]


It is a unique little diner with a fun and tasty menu. The sign of a good restaurant is one that has limited options. It is an indication they focus on being good at what they do - rather than try to cater to everyone.


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Amiga Longplay [371] Venus - The Flytrap Played By: OSAUKKO I hope someone likes this movie as it sure required lot of work to get it done. No autofire were used. S...

A Better Fly Trap

House flies are one of the most important carriers of disease. One of these things can actually kill and actually do kill a lot of people. Whenever you have ...

Jolly & The Flytrap — Electric Polka

Musik: Jolly & the Flytrap Text: Jolly & the Flytrap und Susana Méndez Animation: CRICTOR, Rafael Sommerhalder Noman Records 2008

APOLLO FLYTRAP - Flytrap (videoclip) - con Jaime Olías

Videoclip del single Flytrap, extraído del álbum "Catch You On The Fly" de Apollo Flytrap. Protagonizado por Jaime Olías.

jolly & the flytrap - arche nova

Song Arche Nova, geschrieben von Jolly and the Flytrap in der Toscana 1997, als Single bei Tudor 1998 veröffentlicht. Fotos von Daniel Infanger, Grafik von M...