El Taco Rico

created by: nice.llanto

created on: 12/3/2012 4:12:49 PM


address 810 Vargas Rd, Austin, TX 78741, USA


Great "home cooked" like your mom would make (if she were mexican). Taco truck/stand in parking lot of neighborhood laundromat. If your lucky enough to be there when the ghetto ice cream van drives by, u got yourself some desert too.


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EL Taco Rico - San Diego Mexican Food

Breakfast Special $3.99 - More Info & Coupon: http://bit.ly/feuHMK El Taco Rico is an authentic Mexican food restaurant located in San Diego with the best h...

el taco mas rico del mundo

jhajaha un dia que estabamos en la sierra viendo como una enorme fila de gusanos querian comerse nuestro precioso arbol de duraznos.. decidimos hacer algo ma...


It's about a guy who is trying to cross the border with a stolen taco and the army is trying to kill him. (My Stop Motion Project)

Recuedo de como es que se nos ocurrio hacer el taco mas rico del mundo.. jhajha

pues aqui es donde mi prima describe a detalle.. si a DETALLE todo lo que sucedio para llevar a cabo nuestra idea de hacer este riquisimo taquito de gusanos ...