Pizzitola's BBQ

created by: Rickster

created on: 12/7/2012 8:05:20 PM


address 1703 Shepherd Drive Houston, TX 77007, USA
website http://pizzitolas.com/
phone (713) 227-2283
facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pizzitolas-BBQ/208372722526508
twitter https://twitter.com/PizzitolasBBQ


Pizzitola's 70-year old big brick pit is firing up some east Texas hickory and the ribs are cookin' just right or maybe chicken is your thing - something our owner has become famous for. Could happen that our rough-textured sausage from the hill country becomes your favorite, or the fork-tender brisket. Top it all with a sauce that is down right perfection, and you'll know why we've been named the "Best Barbecue Joint in Houston."


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Jimmy Pizzitola Performs Divine

By now you're probably used to me saying that Kenny Pipes has introduced us to another great musician, but here we go again. Kenny said to meet him at Pizzit...

'00s Ad Breaks Vol. 2 - February 2001

A batch of ads from a late-night showing of "Honeymoon in Vegas" on Houston ABC affiliate KTRK-TV, recorded Feb. 10, 2001. (UPDATE 4/6/13: There's more from ...

Matt Harlan Performs Walter

We first met Matt Harlan at Kenny Pipe's Almost Austin House Concerts with the Back Porch Society. We caught up with him for this shoot at Pizzitola's BBQ pl...

Huke Green - Don't Ask Me Why

Live @ Pizzitola's BBQ, Houston, TX.

Huke Green - Tracks

Live @ Pizzitola's BBQ, Houston. TX.