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address 615 N State Street Chicago, IL 60611, USA
phone (312) 265-0434


We stumbled upon Grahamwich and decided to give it a try. We arrived at the opportune moment as a longer line began to form when we were ordering and waiting for our food. I ordered the Heirloom Turkey (turkey, cranberries, stuffing, brie and mayo on a pita) while my co-workers ordered two Mediterranean Veggies (veggies + goat cheese on flat bread), the Grilled Cheese, and a salad. Both the Mediterranean Veggies and the Grilled Cheese looked delicious, and I was quickly regretting my decision to order the Heirloom Turkey. The turkey had a nice flavor but was pretty dry. The top half of the pita was very bland -- all I could taste was dry turkey and plain pita. I was hoping that the bottom half would be better. Though the pita improved once I reached the cranberries and brie, I was still disappointed. Plus, the promised stuffing and mayo were essentially nonexistent.


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