The Chicago Diner

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address 3411 N Halsted Street Chicago, IL 60657, USA
phone 773-935-6696


NO MEAT When Hornick and his partner, “Chef Jo” Kaucher, opened the restaurant in 1983, critics, loan officers and family members alike scoffed at the idea, some vehemently. “It’s like we were going against apple pie and mom and the whole thing,” Hornick recalled. “Big shot advertising guys came in and said you’re pissing against the wind.” Their answer was to create an atmosphere as American as mini malls, decorating the place with vintage ads and neon lights and serving up heaping helpings of comfort food, but without the meat. “Instead of burgers, we have veggie burgers,” explains Kauchner, who, together with a long line of collaborators in the kitchen, created the Diner’s menu and authored The Chicago Diner Cookbook. “Instead of french fries we serve home fries,” she adds. They also offer vegan milkshakes, a Philly Cheese “Steak,” with homemade seitan in place of beef, biscuits & vegetarian gravy and not dogs for the kids.


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I bought a Carrot Cake from my local WholeFoods but it is made by The Chicago Diner. Watch to see my review or read about it on my blog

The Chicago Diner - Lakeview - Video Appetizer

The Chicago Diner 3411 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60657 773-935-6696

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