Breuckelen Distilling

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address 77 19th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA
phone (347) 725-4985
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Breuckelen Distilling began crafting gin and whiskey during the summer of 2010. The process begins with all New York grown whole grains and ends with bottled spirits, entirely under one roof in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Everything we sell is made entirely from scratch here on 19th Street in Brooklyn. From scratch means we process all of our ingredients ourselves. From milling whole grains to bottling, every step of production occurs here in our one room operation. We select our ingredients from local producers most importantly and from organic sources, second. All of our grains are sourced from NY farms; most are grown by our farmer Thor. Simple and natural is good. So we don’t use any coloring, additives, extracts, or fancy filtering to alter our spirits. We let the result of our ingredients and process be the flavor of our spirits.


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