3 Forty Grill

created by: Rickster

created on: 12/29/2012 9:28:11 PM


address 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5778
website http://www.3fortygrill.com/
phone (201) 217-3406
facebook https://www.facebook.com/3fortygrill
twitter https://twitter.com/3fortygrill


My new venture offers fine dining in a fresh, lively and inviting atmosphere coupled with the best view in the world. The unparalleled Manhattan skyline. Our menu features a raw bar that includes a wide variety of the freshest oysters from around the world, as well as superb fish, pristine seafood and succulent steaks in an elegant setting. We believe 3 Forty Grill has raised the bar on the level of dining in Hoboken." Peter Johnson, Architect, PC, created a theatrical dining experience through the use of strong geometry, lighting and innovative materials. He describes the space as being "…warm, although it sparkles with accents of stainless steel, textured acrylic panels and high hue of ceramic tiles."


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Road Trip with G. Garvin : New Jersey

3 Forty Grill located at 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Some insight to some of the 3 Forty's best dishes. Enjoy!

Red Bulls Season Wrap Party: de Grandpre Speaks

Red Bulls Managing Director Marc de Grandpre says a few words (very few, actually) regarding the new stadium and the new training complex. October 23rd 2007 ...

Juan Pablo Angel Red Bulls Player of The Year

Juan Pablo Angel... There's only Juan Pablo Angel... Tuesday October 23rd 2007. 3 Forty Grill, Hoboken NJ.

Red Bulls Fan of The Year 2007

A lady named Pam receives FOTY 2007 award from 'The Goose'. 3 Forty Grill, Hoboken, NJ October 23rd, 2007.

Red Bulls Season Wrap Party

3 Forty Grill, Hoboken, NJ. Tuesday October 23rd 2007. A great time was had by all! Thanks Red Bull!