Cava Winery

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address 3619 State Rt 94 Hamburg, NJ 07419
phone (973) 823-9463


Situated in the beautiful Skylands of northwest New Jersey, Cava Winery & Vineyard is a story of a family journey. Our path, in simple terms, is respecting the old ways but creating something new and maintaining connectedness. After tracing our family lineage back to Italy and finding our name on the side of a bottle, a dream evolved into reality. Our location is perfect in many ways. With a history of agriculture that is rooted deep within the lands, our soil’s mineral content is ideal for growing grapes. The terroir drains thoroughly allowing the vines to suffer and the orientation of the sun with east-to-west exposure help our grapes take their natural path in the vinification process. Making wine is our passion. Along with the drive to connect with our heritage, we are creating wines we proudly call our own. So in New Jersey, a place where Italian-American culture has had a strong presence for many years, we present a winery with a vision to tie the old world to the new.


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