Little Taste of Britain

created by: Rick

created on: 12/31/2012 9:31:29 AM


address 1095 N Main Street Layton, UT 84041
phone (801) 543-5707


first found out about this place through a co-worker, and have been there a few times with different people since then. This whole place was decorated with a British theme, tiny wooden cabin with British stuff hanging all over the place. My only complain about the décor is that they have an Ireland flag, a Scotland flag, and a Wales flag, but no England flag, just a UK flag... It could just be a British thing? They carry a small British item store section aside from their restaurant service. You can browse through them while you are waiting for your food, and they have various (assuming) imported item from Britain like chocolates and red teas. I went with the Fish and Chips almost every single time. I am not an expert on it, but after trying this dish in various places in Utah, I can say with confidence that they got the best of all. The fish was lightly breading, still crunchy on the outside, yet moisture on the inside. It was not the best fish I ever had, but good enough for a landlocked state like Utah.


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