Charles Vergos Rendezvous Ribs

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address 355 North Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103, USA
phone (901) 523-2746


In 1948, Charlie Vergos cleaned out a basement below his diner, discovered a coal chute, and started a legend. The coal chute gave him a vent for his considerable talent over a grill, and allowed him to expand from ham-and-cheese sandwiches to ribs. Today, several thousand people on an average Saturday night pour into our basement and sink their teeth into a slab of what makes Memphis, well, Memphis. Presidents and potentates, the King and the Killer, Rolling Stones, *NSYNC, and everybody who’s anybody have all been down for a bite. We’re all about ribs, but our menu is as varied and interesting as the wide array of incredible stuff that adorns our walls and ceilings. Charlie’s kids run things now, and their kids are coming along, and their kids will follow. You see, ribs, restaurants in basements and Greek hospitality are Vergos things. And that’s a good thing. By the way, we still make a mean ham-and-cheese sandwich too.


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Memphis knows GOOD BBQ.