Doughnut Vault

created by: Rick

created on: 12/31/2012 1:06:56 PM


address 400 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60654, USA


I was in town for a friend's birthday and knew I had to get doughnuts from this joint as her treat. She has tried to go so many times, but keeps missing it. They sell out fast! ...or she goes to work late. ;) I got an assortment of jelly, chocolate, vanilla and gingerbread. I loved the blackberry jelly and LOVED the gingerbread! We thought the chocolate and vanilla were pretty darn tasty too though. They were a little more expensive than, say, a DD, but they were ginormous. Not one of us finished an entire doughnut on our own. The line went really fast and Julie could not have been any nicer if she tried. Super pleasant and efficient. Adorable little space, if really tiny. * Reminder to self that a crystal chandelier can literally go anywhere and make it look amazing. There were rumors circulating amongst the waiters that there may be another location opening in a non-Chicago location. Lucky folks! I wish it was here in MN.


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Doughnut Vault

All this for doughnuts!

Doughnut Vault Donuts

They are awesome.

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