created by: Rick

created on: 12/31/2012 1:59:52 PM


address 2149 South Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60608, USA
phone (312) 948-5275


Trendy, no frills place. We were out bar hopping and came across this cute spot. It felt very cozy and inviting. Located on the south end of Halsted avenue, near chinatown. They have a buttload of different types of beers to try. They run daily specials too. Seating is all over. So its a real intimate setting that doesn't blast music in your ear. Its an awesome place to just simply enjoy your company. They have this vintage photobooth....I LLLLOOOOVE photobooths! The service is alright and the drinks are cheap. They do serve food and I hear its amazing, unfortunately, I did not partake. Next time though. Skylark impressed me and I felt welcome even though I am not part of the hipster movement, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


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Ella Fitzgerald - Skylark

Ella Fitzgerald - Skylark with lyrics.

Skylark - Wildflower

Donny Gerrard - lead vocal || BJ Cook - back vocals || Carl Graves - back vocals || Alan Mix - guitar || David Foster - keyboards || Steve Pugsley - bass || ...

Wildflower - Skylark [HD]

In 1972 in Victoria, Canada, a rookie policeman wrote a poem for his girlfriend while driving home in his police car. Dave "the Cop" Richardson gave the poem...

Skylark 1985

Linda Ronstadt promo video "Skylark" 1985.

Aretha Franklin-Skylark

One of Aretha's finest recordings. Originally from the Columbia release- 'Laughing On The Outside' (1963)