Cyrils Fish House

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address 2167 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11930, USA
phone (631) 267-7993
email [email protected]">[email protected]


They turn out their signature drink, the BBC, like water for a reason! The bloody Mary's are pretty damn good too!


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Cyril's Fishhouse 2011

one of the best 5 bars in the world, by far.

Cyril's Fishhouse - Amagansett

this is Cyril's Fishhouse in Amagansett, the single best place for cocktails on Saturday afternoon in the Hamptons, and one of the best cocktail places in th...

East End Legends - Nancy Atlas interviews the famous CYRIL

Nancy Atlas interviews The Famous Cyril of Cyrils Fish House out on the Napeague Stretch for her cult show, East End Legends. The show follows people doing w...

Wild Bear at Cyril's Amagansett

a wild bear was spotted this past Saturday at Cyril's, sweating and jumping around like a madman. The amazing thing was his ability to jump rope with rope ma...

Cyril's - Amagansett - July 2012

Great day at Cyril's, July 14, 2012.