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address 199 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
website http://www.zeitgeistsf.com
phone (415) 255-7505


This place is perfect at 330PM sunny weekday. It's pretty awesome even at dusk when the wind kicks up and the sun dips below Twin Peaks. Dress in layers to protect from the elements and to protect from any perceived rudeness. I've never had a problem here. It's perfect to meet up with a group of pals before dinner. Don't go if going to a bar means you want a scene where you can hook up. Don't go if you are in a high maintenance mood. Don't go if you have low self-esteem. Do go if you are wanting a good beer or strong drink (margarita or bloody Mary). Do go if you appreciate some of the character of SF. I don't know why in some reviews people are posting about the loads of 'hipsters' etc.


YouTube Videos

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Terese Taylor sings Doesn't Shine at Zeitgeist San Francisco 2007

Terese sings her heart out on "Doesn't Shine" at the Tamale Lady's Birthday Party at the Zeitgeist in San Francisco. A song of humility, and grace.

For the love of Zeitgeist

My last day at the ZG.

San Francisco Giants 2012 WORLD SERIES Champions! [Featured in - Google Zeitgeist 2012!]

FEATURED IN GOOGLE'S 2012 ZEITGEIST VIDEO! http://youtu.be/xY_MUB8adEQ?t=2m11s "They were determined not to go home. They had a never say die attitude. Hunte...

A conversation about Zeitgeist in San Francisco...

Conversation about one of San Francisco's greatest bars.