7 Mile House

created by: Rickster

created on: 1/12/2013 10:19:27 PM


address 2800 Bayshore Boulevard Brisbane, CA 94005
website http://7milehouse.com/
phone (415) 467-2343
facebook http://www.facebook.com/7milehousebar
twitter http://twitter.com/7milehouse


The game is on at 7 Mile House, where the hottest sporting events, live music and great food come together in a vibrant, historic atmosphere! Over the past 150 years, this place has become a stagecoach stop, brothel, biker/trucker hangout, and gambling joint, among others —— all adding to the rich character of the Bay Area’s last original “mile house” left in its original location. Now, 7 Mile House is The Peninsula’s most popular sports pub and restaurant, offering a unique mix of homestyle American/Filipino/Italian food and a wide choice of beers and cocktails. Check out our menu, event calendar and history and make sure to come visit us soon!


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a Video from the famous show " HOUSE " about the main character Dr. Gregory House.


ADOBO NATION 7 MILE HOUSE Executive Producer- Eric Pugeda Writer/ Producer- Troy Espera Editor- Mitos Briones Camera- Joseph Perry Camera- Jeremiah Ysip.

Chris Riggins Stand Up, 7 Mile House SF-Pt 1

Follow Chris Riggins http://www.twitter.com/KewlChris Video by Paris Warr http://www.twitter.com/computrblu.