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address 10920 Monroe Road, Matthews, NC 28105, USA
phone (704) 845-2107


When you first get there, the enterance is to the side where you might see some shopping carts. It's a bit awkward and a little more awkward once you get in because you don't know what to do. LOL! Half of it is a shop and the other half is the restaurant. But you'll be greeted with smiling faces and they'll ask if you're dining and sit you down. Once you've got a seat, it's smooth from there on.


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pepero cartoon.

Pepero Sigla iniziale

Pepero, Sigla iniziale.

PePeRo : Niño De Los Andes 1 / 2 - "El Condor Dorado"

Pepero Niño de Los Andes 1 - 2 Pepero Nño de Los Andes 1 / 2 SINO...

PePeRo : Niño De Los Andes 2 / 2 - "El Condor Dorado"

Pepero Niño de Los Andes 2 - 2 Pepero Nño de Los Andes 2 / 2 SINO...

Pepero Day in Korea

Happy Pepero Day from Eatyourkimchi. For more info, go to --The Gear-- Shot on a Canon 550d and Tokina 11-16mm lens. ...