Ox Yoke Inn

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address 4420 220th Trail, Amana, IA 52203, USA
website http://www.oxyokeinn.com/
phone (800) 233-3441
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ox-Yoke-Inn-Restaurants/203061066406854
twitter http://twitter.com/OxYokeInn


Make it a point to drive a little further and have yourself a wonderful family style meal. Parking is no problem due to the large parking lot out back. I have only been here for lunch and dinner but it always puts a big smile on my face and I enjoy the family dining aspect of the meal. I usually get the wiener schnitzel which is simply delicious. My favorite sides happen to be the corn and the cottage cheese with green onions mixed in.


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A TV commerical of the Ox Yoke Inn in Galeton, PA.

A Little Roadtrip to Amana Colonies, Iowa (04/07/09)

I had these little video clips of my cousins and I on a roadtrip to The Amana Colonies and I never thought to put them together until now. It was a fun trip,...

KTM 380 EXC DirtBike MX Deep Creek Crossing

Pine Creek Behind Ox Yoke Inn Galeton Pa 16922.

Drummer Man Sam

My mom found this video a few weeks back and I promised Steve and Lore I'd get it out so everyone could see it. When I get more time I'll see if I can do more with it.. but I think the video...