Cafe Poca Cosa

created by: Joe Foodie

created on: 2/17/2013 6:49:43 AM


address 110 East Pennington Street, Tucson, AZ 85701, USA
phone (520) 622-6400


The first time I went with my fiancé at the magic hour between lunch and dinner where lunch prices were still being offered. I started with a margarita that was not what I expected, but definitely delicious with a lot of fresh fruit. We both got the chefs plates and were not disappointed. I can't pick a favorite because they were all good but maybe (just maybe) the tamale pie stuck out in my mind. He could not stop raving about the food during the meal or for the rest of the night.


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Cafe Poca Cosa Su VIda Show

Su Vida visits Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson, Arizona.

Cafe Poca Cosa in Tucson, AZ

Producer - Genaro Delgadillo Camera - Genaro Delgadillo Editor - Genaro Delgadillo.

cafe quijano - que poca cosa.mp4

cafe quijano - que poca cosa Dando patadas a la latas, Tirando piedras a los perros, Buscando bajo las faldas Que suben las escaleras. Dicen que tuvo buena e...

Cafe Quijano FIL 2010, Qué poca cosa Guadalajara

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Cafe Poca Cosa with Chelsea Meintel

Experience the fresh squeezed juices that make the house margarita served at Cafe Poca Cosa in Downtown Tucson, with Chelsea Meintel.