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address 02 Woody Creek Plz, Woody Creek, CO 81656, USA
website http://www.woodycreektavern.com/
phone (970) 923-4585
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Woody-creek-Tavern-Co/119859294739269


We do not eat from Denver to Aspen just so we can eat and be naughty here. Margaritas, nachos, guac, enchiladas, burritos, and for the kicker, a brownie ala mode. Delicious. Had a place on the patio to tie the dog up with a bowl of water. She was happy people watching. This place is cheese, cheese and more cheese Could smell the brownies baking and could not wait for them to be ready. The were worth the wait. Woody's is our best excuse for heading up to Aspen.


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Woody Creek Tavern with Rachael my friend.

Woody Creek tavern with Rachael.

Woody Creek Tavern Visit

Ate at the popular eating joint in woody creek next to snowmass. This joint is located in the middle of a trailer trash community. Fun!

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A trip into The High Country near Aspen Colorado, AART channels "The Doctor" and takes in "What's Hang'n" at The Woody Creek Tavern, plus Ralph Steadman.

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