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created on: 2/20/2013 2:23:01 AM


address 800 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20006, USA
website https://teaism.com/
phone (202) 835-3827
email [email protected]">[email protected]
twitter https://twitter.com/TeaismATeaHouse


Excellent food awaits you. The Imli cooler has cardamom in it and is terrific. The chicken bento box is great; this coming from a burger guy. The collection of flavors and textures makes the meal a treat. The only drawback is the hunt for a table at lunch time. The place can use a mystical gong too, to alert you when your order is ready. Yelling out a number is too Five Guys-ish.


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T2 Teaism

Teaism is the sacred worship of beauty in the everyday; finding magic in the mundane. Celebrating the greatness of little things. The Japanese matcha tea cer...

Chinese Teaist

Teaist is a person who performs or enjoys the art of tea and teaism.

Teaism Supports Paid Sick Days for All Restaurant Workers

Teaism is the winner of DC's 1st Carrotmob for agreeing to support paid sick days for all restaurant employees.

茶道 Teaism

2009 第二屆Wow! eye Taiwan 全民影音創作大賽動畫類入圍作品主辦單位:行政院新聞局活動網站:TAVIS.tw 國家影視產業資訊平台http://TAVIS.tw/ 團隊成員:姚孟超、.蘇俊旭、魏嘉宏、賴宗祐、蔡泓泊、施輝達、吳俐瑩、周信辰、陳仲威、葉卉卿、湯秉徽、謝一帆、吳慶璋中華文化...

Employer Support for Earned Sick Days Growing: Teaism Restaurant in D.C.

40 percent of private sector employees have no paid sick days. What happens when they get sick or need to care for a sick child? Often times they risk losing...