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address 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
phone (305) 763-8026


A Visitor information center located in the heart of the Art Deco District; at 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fl 33139. This center is the go to place for any and all inquiries regarding your stay here in Miami/Miami Beach.


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Art Deco Welcome Center Rental Facility

Located in the heart of the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District on 10th Street and iconic Ocean Drive, the Art Deco Welcome Center is a beautiful 4000 sq...

Art Deco Welcome Center Ceremony & Reception Wedding.

Art. Deco Welcome Center 1001 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL. (10th and Ocean) ceremony and Reception Wedding, Flower Decoration and Catering Service provided ...

Art Deco Welcome Center Wedding Reception catered by AmeriCaters

Art Deco Welcome Center - Miami Beach Wedding Reception catered by AmeriCaters. @Americaters 305-251-1210.

St. Patricks Miami Beach and Art Deco Welcome Center Wedding

Cecilia and Steve held their ceremony at St. Patricks Catholic Church on Miami Beach. Their reception was held at The Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive....

Art Deco Welcome Center 1

This view looks from the rear/back of the space toward the front entrance.