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address 1829 North Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL 32804, USA
website http://www.whitewolfcafe.com/
phone (407) 895-9911
email [email protected]">[email protected]
facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/White-Wolf-Cafe-and-Bar/62175056110
twitter https://twitter.com/Whitewolfcafe


I come here quite a bit, to the point where when certain servers see me come in, they don't even hand me a menu anymore since they know I'll just order the same thing. This is a fun local place with a delicious breakfast menu. They also serve lunch and dinner, but since I haven't experienced that yet, I'll just talk breakfast.


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White Wolf Cafe's Jazz Night

Join White Wolf Cafe every Friday for live jazz 8:30-11:00. This weeks featured band was Platinum.

White Wolf Cafe's Fish Tacos

Watch Chef Jason, and lead prep cook Anna craft our fish tacos.

Decoy Beat @ White Wolf Cafe - Norwegian Wood (1/27/2012)

Decoy Beat playing Jeremy's arrangement of The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood" for Friday Night Jazz at White Wolf cafe in Orlando, Florida. John Kastrinos (guitar...

Cooking With The Wold: Classic Caesar Dressing

White Wolf Cafe's classic caesar dressing as explained by Executive Chef Jason Schofield.

$40 A Day Featuring: White Wolf Cafe

White Wolf Cafe was featured on $40 a day with Rachel Ray.