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address 419 North Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036, USA
phone (323) 651-2030


Canter's may not have the best deli food around, but the atmosphere there is just the best. It has such a history, and you know that your server has been working there since before you were born.


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Your Riding Success TV Episode 34 - Trot to Canter Transitions

This month Tash looks at trot to canter transitions - how to make them seem effortless, and how to make sure you are asking your horse the right thing! :)

OFFROAD 2012 Fuso Canter 4x4

A world best-seller among light trucks and a real sales hit for Daimler Trucks: the Fuso Canter is at home in all continents and clocks up six-figure sales f...

How to Walk, Trot & Canter : Equestrian Information

Subscribe Now: Watch More: The walk, trot and canter a...

Controlling and sitting the canter

This video talks about how to properly sit a canter, and how to maintain control while cantering. A great video for beginner riders! Equisimulator. canter

Heather Moffett teaching canter on the Equisimulator machine. Join us on our two day workshops, learn more in two days than you would in two years! www.enlig...