The Rock Cafe

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created on: 1/16/2013 3:43:27 AM


address 114 Main Street, Stroud, OK 74079, USA
phone (918) 968-3990
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Very friendly staff and pretty good chow. Not high on the list of must-do's along Route 66, but worth a stop if it's time to eat..


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Historic Rock Cafe Burns Down

The Rock Cafe on Route 66 in Stroud burned down, but the owner says it will be rebuilt.

Delta -No More- Hard Rock Cafe- Battle of the Band- 4/3/13

Delta presentando No More, en Hard Rock Rising, el concurso de bandas de Hard Rock Café. Esta es la presentación del día de hoy 4 de marzo. Potencia e intens...

Kat Cam 36 All Around the World Hard Rock Cafe

All Around IS My Favorite Song And Video Ever By Mindless Behavior Now and THIS Is my FAAAAVE Performance I've ever seen by the boys Valentines was turnt up ...

Discover Oklahoma - Rock Cafe

Lauded as one of RT 66's iconic attractions, the Rock Cafe is now back in business after a devastating fire back in May of 2008. You'll be happy to know that...