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address 961 Industry Dr, Savannah, GA 31415, USA
phone (912) 232-2639
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Oh my goodness.. In honor of my contradicting New Years resolution of 1) enjoying life more and 2) eating more sensible and healthily, I decided to stop back on by Savannah on our ride back home once more to visit the Savannah Candy Kitchen. Twenty dollars later, we walked out with licorice, rock candy, coconut patties and pralines.


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Savannah's Candy Kitchen

A quick tour through Savannah's Candy Kitchen on historic river street in Savannah, Ga. Take a look at our hand made southern candies with our excellent host...

Savannah's Candy Kitchen in Savannah, GA

Savannah's Candy Kitchen featured as the Best of Savannah.

City Market- Savannah's Candy Kitchen

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Savannah Candy Kitchen Part 1

candy savannah georgia river street st patricks day.