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created on: 2/25/2013 6:02:07 AM


address 180 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601, USA
phone (312) 777-7800


I had been meaning to go to Backstage Bistro for years, but for whatever reason I never made it there even though I literally worked a block away from there years ago. This place is entirely run by cooking school students trying to get their recipes right as well as hospitality training- hosting and waiter service. The waiters were a little awkward at times but it was actually refreshing; they were trying their best to make a good impression.


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Cody and Jillian Millikan Backstage Bistro 2010

Cody and Jillian singing Point of No Return at Millikan's Backstage Bistro 2010.

Backstage Bistro

Is your favorite lunch spot actually a classroom? The Backstage Bistro is located behind the Chicago Theatre in the loop and many diners go there to experien...

Cody Millikan Backstage Bistro

Cody singing Everybody Says Don't at Millikan High School's Backstage Bistro.

Reflections -Backstage Bistro

Backstage Bistro @ Millikan H.S 10/10/12.

Emily Singing at BackStage Bistro - NSMT

Emily singing with George at Back Stage Bistro after their performance of the Christmas Carol at North Shore Music Theater.