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address 6098 Highway 80, Cooperstown, NY 13326, USA
phone (607) 547-7496


This was a very enjoyable place to grab lunch. Open-air seating is available on the deck with a view of the lake. Unfortunately the tents that were set up below the deck for additional seating were partially obscuring the view. The food selection was good, however I predictably chose a burger with sweet potato fries. I had ordered the burger to be cooked medium-well, but it came out closer to medium. The sweet potato fries were very good. I was also pleasantly surprised by a side of tasty pineapple coleslaw that was included. The raspberry iced tea was better than I had expected as it wasn't the typical Lipton taste that you find so many places. We also had the potstickers as an appetizer and I would recommend them.


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