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address 3106 Saint Clair Avenue Northeast, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
phone (216) 621-3760
email [email protected]">[email protected]


It had been a few years since I visited Slyman's, and my wife had never been (she's not from Cleveland, it's okay). We wanted to sit down and arrived at about 11:45am on a Monday. Within two minutes we had sat, ordered, gotten our water, and been delivered our coleslaw. Within five minutes we had our food. It was wonderful. We split one corned beef sandwich with a side of coleslaw and a side of fries. Knowing the portion size, it just didn't make any sense to get two sandwiches. As normal, the meat was terrific - warm, flavorful, not overly fatty or greasy, and fall-apart-good. Additionally, the rye bread used by Slyman's is terrific, and the pickles! Oh my those pickles are great. One sandwich was plenty for the two of us. The slaw was solid, the fries were fries. You come for the sandwich - the giant, famous, yummy sandwich. And you walk away very pleased.


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I documentary style video of the famous Slyman's Restaurant Cleveland Filmed by Gary Yasaki.

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