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address 2007 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37212, USA
phone (615) 385-5282
email [email protected]">[email protected]


While I'm not the biggest fan of Bongo's coffee - there are a couple items on the menu that are my go-tos: the "basic" and the "fancy grilled cheese." The basic is basic: 2 eggs, made to order, hashbrowns, toast, and a cup of coffee. As simple as it sounds, it always tastes good, and only costs $5. The fancy grilled cheese adds pesto and tomatoes to spice up the sandwich staple. It usually comes with a side of chips & salsa.


YouTube Videos

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Nashville - Bongo Java

'4 on Tour' sets up for their performance in Bongo Java, across from Belmont College in Nashville. Hiram gives a haphazard tour of the coffeeshop. Distribute...

Honey Thighs Encore at Bongo Java's Belmont Freshman Song Writer Showcase

Everett Lee plays his first gig in Nashville at Bongo Java's Belmont Freshman Song Writer Showcase. Other participants included "Keith Lee"

Hip Knot Ties - Tax Brandywine (Live at Bongo Java, Nashville, Tennessee 3/3/11)

Tax Brandywine live at Bongo Java in Nashville, Tennessee, kicking off their CD release tour. Check out their website ( and download their ...

jeff holmes (the floating men) @ bongo java: another maybe someday

jeff holmes played bongo java saturdays during january 2009.

Tax Brandywine- My Last Drive Home live at Bongo Java

Song from our first show of our Atrocities on the Highway tour.