Vesta Dipping Grill

created by: Joe Foodie

created on: 3/25/2013 7:27:59 AM


address 1822 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202, USA
phone (303) 296-1970
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Absolutely amazing! I have dined here twice within two weeks, which is a over a 70-mile drive (one-way). Decor, food and service was outstanding! Food infusion blends and presentation was remarkable. I have a picky palate and flair for fine food, but was overall well pleased.


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Vesta Dipping Grill's Fresh Booths

Vesta Dipping Grill has enjoyed 16 amazing years at the top of the Denver restaurant scene. Xan helped them replace the original booths with something bigger...