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address 417 East 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA
phone (816) 472-5454
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Serving up some of the best pizza, original sandwiches, fresh salads and cold beer.


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Choosing the Best Herb Grinder

We put weed grinders to the test to find the best. Marijuana grinders are available in a variety of materials. The majority of herbal grinders are made of pl...

The Zeus Nano, Bolt, and VorteX Herbal Grinders for Vaping Herbs and Tobacco from Toronto Vaporizer

Lets talk grinders. Did you know they now make grinders for use with Personal Vaporizers? Well they do; Get them at:

Angle Grinders (2 of 4) - Graphic Content!

Download high quality versions here: This video demonstrates the importance of proper guarding, PPE, and grinding wheel selection.

Knife Making Tools Part 2: Belt Grinders

American swordsmith Walter Sorrells hosts this series of knife making tutorials devoted to outlining all the tools used in the knifemaker's shop. This video ...


With a new baby and wife to support, out-of-work filmmaker Matt Gallagher tries his hand, and some would say "luck", at playing poker for a living. Grinders is the director's inside journey into the unconventional, often bizarre, underground world of illegal poker clubs.