Phillips Grocery

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address 2406 South Lamar Boulevard Oxford, MS 38655-5344
phone (662) 236-5951
email [email protected]">[email protected]


The original Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs, MS was built and operated in 1892 by Oliver Quiggins, a former Confederate soldier and prisoner of war of the Union Army. Phillips Grocery was operated as a saloon until prohibition when it became a grocery store in 1919. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Phillips bought the store in 1948, developed a special and still secret recipe and began to grill the famous Phillips hamburgers. On April 24, 1989, USA Today spotlighted our burgers and named Phillips Grocery one of the top three hamburger joints in the United States! In the April, 1995, issue of Gourmet Magazine our burgers are described as “culinary gems” and as an “American Classic.”


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