Latham's Hamburger Inn

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address 106 Main Street W New Albany, MS 38652
phone (662) 534-5315


Latham's is not your ordinary burger joint. THey have been around for decades and serve a regional delight known as a "slugburger" or "doughburger". Don't worry, there aren't any slugs or other invertebrates in the dough, it's called that because back during the depression the burgers sold for a nickel, aka a "slug". The burgers are made with a mix of beef, spices, and dough (it's a secret recipe) and are then fried crispy on the outside. It's definitely an acquired taste, but they are oh so good. Get them dressed - mustard, pickle, and onion. They also offer steak and cheese sandwiches and chicken tenders. The food is good, cheap, and served up quick. If it's your first stop make sure you let the guy behind the counter know so you can get your picture up on the wall of fame!


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