Donovan's Pub

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address 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens, NY 11377, USA
phone (718) 429-9339


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NY CHOW Report - Shepherd's Pie at Donovan's Pub

Charm, family, and tradition have kept Donovan's Pub in Woodside, Queens, a favorite with locals since 1966. This Irish pub also happens to serve up one of t...

Colgate University: Donovan's pub grand opening

There's more to the pub than Trivia night. Live music, live events, and fantastic food. Like it on Facebook for details:

Olympus Mons @ Donovan's Pub

Olympus Mons kills it.

St Paddys at Donovan's Pub

Bag Pipes being played at Donovan's Pub Saturday night 3/16/13.

Donovan's Pub

The best burgers in the city can be found alongside beers galore at this everyman's pub.