Pat's BBQ

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address 155 West Commonwealth Avenue, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, USA
phone (801) 484-5963
email [email protected]">[email protected]


I eat a lot of BBQ. I make a lot of BBQ. I have several smokers and pretty much every weekend I've got something cooking low and slow, trying to perfect the subjective and un-perfectible craft of BBQ (wait, is un-perfectible a word?). Even As I type this, I've got a dozen hot wings on the smoker. I've had bbq all across the country in some pretty cool joints methinks.


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Pat's BBQ

In this video edition of Speaking on Business, Chris Redgrave features Pat's Barbecue in Salt Lake City, Utah. Known locally for its award-winning barbecue a...

Steve and Dave Live at Pats B.B.Q. BBQ - 2012 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Classic Rock" Donovan Dylan "Jimmy Buffet" "Paul Simon" Dion Beatles "Neil Young" Utah.

Pat's BBQ

Los Hell Caminos & Hugh McDonald.

a Lunch at PATS' BBq!

pats bbq-best bbq in town! 2125 S. 155 W. commonwealth- salt lake city.

Bronco at Pat's B.B.Q. 14 December 2012

a xian rock-u-mentary: Join Salt Lake City's own BRONCO for a evening of music and great food at Pat's B.B.Q 14 December 2012.