Dor-Stop Restaurant

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created on: 1/11/2013 10:09:12 PM


address 1430 Potomac Avenue, Dormont, PA 15216, USA
phone (412) 561-9320
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Dad's getting up there in digits. How guilty would I feel if he met his maker without having gone to The Dor-Stop?


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Dor-Stop Restaurant Tour Pittsburgh w/ Del Greco Sisters

Created on November 29, 2008 using FlipShare. The Del Greco sisters reenact Guy Fieri's trip to the Dor-Stop in Dormont PA. As featured on Diners, Drive-ins ...

The Dor-Stop Restaurant

Pittsburg, PA.

Breakfast Jumbot-Food Network

Guy and his family sample the breakfast jumbot at Pittsburgh's Dor-Stop. This video is part of Driners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show hosted by Guy Fieri . SHOW ...

The Dor-Stop Restaurant

True Midwestern hospitality.