Chef Point Cafe

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Yes the outer appearance is a gas station, and at first you think you're headed toward a regular 'ol diner...but once you're seated, it dawns on you that this place is nothing of the sort. Of course approval from Guy Fieri & Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives doesn't hurt either.


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Chef Pointe Cafe

The Chef Pointe Cafe in Watauga, TX is located in a gas station. It has the BEST food in the area. Their specialty in my opinion is their seafood dishes.

Chef Point Café

Five star restaurant in gas station.

Chef Franson Nwaeze of Chef Point Cafe Gives Back.MOV

Chef Franson Nwaeze of the popular Chef Point Cafe, a gourmet restaurant in a gas station in Watauga, Texas, catered a party for, one of Nort...

Tiramisu from Chef Point

Italian dessert Tiramisu from Ft Worth fine dining restaurant Chef Point Cafe.