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address 74-06 37th Rd Jackson Heights, NY 11372, USA
phone (718) 424-1869
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Phayul is a good introduction to Tibetan food, if you have never tried it. Getting here is a little tricky, as you have to find that door that leads you to the "stairway to heaven". LOL. The food is undeniably fresh, and I heard from a friend who took Tibetans to this place, This restaurant has better Tibetan food than in Tibet itself.


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Kyipe Phayul Drenchung ( Best of Sonam Rinzin)

Sonam Rinzin is a new and a popular singer from Mustang,He has golden voices echoing thru the hearts of millions of music lover from his 1st album Himalaya.W...

Tibetan Song by Tenzin Kunsel - Phayul Dren Lu for more info visit Kunsel's official website Camera/Direction and Editing by Thupten N Chakrishar.

Tibetan Song Phayul Dren lu_JAM YANGKYI

Tibetan Song Phayul Dren lu Singer Jam Yangkyi.

making of Phayul Dren Lu - Tenzin Kunsel

making of Tenzin Kunsel's Phayul Dren Lu Please visit for more info.