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address 106-47 Guy R Brewer Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11433, USA
phone (718) 206-3538
email [email protected]">[email protected]


Amazing food. I went twice in a span of ten days. The first time I went, I tried fufu. I have never had it before and wasn't too crazy about it but the chicken stew (I guess) that came with it was very tasty. I assumed it was just me not liking fuf much and not it not being prepared well. Either way, the waitress was wonderful. She helped me out because I obviously was having a difficult time figuring out how to eat it lol. She was very sweet and attentive.


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Maima's Liberian Restaurant

The best African food in NYC!

Jorge Morales "maima" Recapt...Lamat Skateboards

Recopilacion y video parte del Cafe Express video de Lamat Skateboards.

Maimas de jalisco sv ferrari R=san miguel.

una jugada llebada akabo en un torneo de San martin Hidalgo..

Jorge Morales "Maima" Distreeto 3

Video parte Jorge Morales Maima en Distreeto 3, esta es la 2da edicion que se le hizo a esta parte, la cancion es hecha por el rana.

Maima - Gabilou

Maima - Gabilou.